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Selling with us


Sell your items easily with Jellybean Good as New - drop off your sale items between 8.45 - 9.45am on the day of the sale, display them on the sales racks provided and leave them for us to sell...  

  1. Register as a seller to get your 'Seller Pack' containing your permanent seller ID and all the info you'll need
  2. Sort and label your items using the price tags we provide for you
  3. Drop off your stuff and display your items at the hall on the day of the sale between 8.45-9.45am, have a first chance look through the other items on sale!
  4. Pick up any unsold items at the end of the sale after 11.30am. 
  5. A cheque or bank transfer will be with you within 7 days!

If you want to sell your stuff at the next Jellybean Good as New sale, simply register as a seller and get in touch to book your place. A £4 registration fee is applicable, this is deducted from you first earnings, so no initial outlay.

Complete our Seller registration form to get started!

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